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Presentation 1. Short presentation of MC+ and IUDC (own graphics)


MC+ is an agile, task-oriented Open Urban Platform that involves every stakeholder of the city in urban development process.


Figure 1. MC+ Open Urban Platform (own graphic)


This cloud-based platform collects all goals set for city’s further development (through Integrated Urban Development Concept* or concept similar in its procedure and outcome), defines stakeholders including fields of their influence for each objective and most importantly establishes executional processes for goals’ achievement. Through real-time monitoring and analysis, shared responsibility, problem recognition and therefore solution finding it gives much more efficient way of achieving a certain goal. Here iterative and incremental methods of agile processes are dominant, which consequently have a great impact on further governmental work structures and its cooperation with 3rd parties.

* IUDC is sort of an urban planning master plan but focused on strategical development of a city. Scroll to the top for short introduction of IUDC and MC+ made just for you 🙂 *

PowerPoint-PräsentationFigure 2. Processes’ overview in mobility sector (own graphic)


Each process includes operations, budget, process participants, lifetime etc. As the platform is shared who gained a specific stakeholder-status can join the process / operation or vote for proposed solutions of trouble shooting or eventual additional goals/operations needed for the process.


Figure 3.Operation overview of achieving ‘Open Data for Everyone’ goal (own graphic)


MC+ is therefore different to a typical open urban platform which shows f.e. traffic situation or air quality in real-time and has more to do with digital business platforms like NLH from SAP. Nevertheless, MC+ can be easily merged or extended into such OUP and become even more multi-tasking, which is the biggest goal of this project.

On this website you will learn above all the different use cases (goal achievements) that can be done with help of MC+.

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